A good days skiing…….

Evening all…..morale is good today, a solid 10 km skiing for 7 hours east down Reindalen over flat and uphill terrain, -30 degrees with clear skies. Sledging in baselayer and a waterproof jacket today, which makes a nice change from the last couple of days when I didn’t see the sun due to skiing in valleys and awful snow. I have started to adapt to the brutal cold and am setting up camp and packing away camp down in 19 minutes now.

Day 2 in Longyearbyen

Second and last day in Longyearbyen before departing into the field. Admin day with a bit of skiing in the afternoon, permission has been granted from the governor to leave the settlement tomorrow and will pick up rifle tomorrow morning before beginning Svalbard Solo!

The temperatures today were -26ºC with wind speeds at 30km/hr and gusts reaching 40km/hr. Tomorrow’s forecast is -26ºC throughout the day dropping to -32ºC in the evening……..more updates to follow with the expedition under way.