80 Degres North

My bags are packed and the work is done. I’ve checked into my flights to Longyearbyen via Stockholm and Oslo.  The trepidation has begun to fade. The realisation that I’m about to go back to the arctic is unreal. Thoughts and emotions swirl around my head. It has been almost 5 years since I was last in the arctic. It is far too long a time to be away.

But now I am returning with a clear goal, I go into the wilderness on Wednesday morning not to return for just over 4 weeks. There were times when I thought the expedition would stay a dream but now it is a reality, my reality.


I would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported me, whether it be with a kind word or training advice. It kept me going when I had nothing left to give. 

There will be blog updates every 24 hours once I go into the field.

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